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This course is currently being developed!

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course!

    • A Message From Dean, Your Instructor

    • How To Use This Course

    • Before You Begin Your Journey...

  • 2

    Course Introduction & Overview

    • Course Overview

    • What Is Git?

    • What Are Repositories?

    • Git Hosting Services

  • 3

    Installation & Setup

    • High-level lesson

    • Installing Git On Windows 11

    • Installing Git On Ubuntu (Linux)

  • 4

    Beginner Essentials

    • Beginner Overview

    • Git Init - Initializing A Repository

    • Git Status - Checking For Changes

    • Git Add - Staging Changes

    • Git Commit - Committing To Making Changes

    • Git Reset - Unstaging Changes

    • Git Push - Pushing Your Changes Up To The Remote Repository

    • Git Pull - Pulling Changes Down To Your Local Repository

    • Git Clone - Cloning A Remote Repository To Your Device

    • Git Branches - The Main Branch